Welcome to Yinyang Bali

Our Company

Established a few years ago, Yin Yang Collection has been engaged in providing a a broad collections of fine stone handicrafts items. This Gallery is owned by Christian Falino and located on Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 190, Sanur – Bali.
Our Product

We are committed to providing many hand-made stone products in antique designs and styles. The company features Budha statues made from volcanic stones in different sizes. It also provides other primitive and root furniture items. Materials used for producing the stone items are strictly selected. They include green stones, black stones and volcanic stones. Collections include sitting Budha, sleeping Budha, standing Budha and standing Siwa. The Gallery has monthly production capacity of 4 containers and distributes them to its regular customers in Australia, Germany and United States. Its export capacity is 2 containers per month, with no minimum order. Its production lead-time is between two and four weeks.
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Quality Assurance

As customers satisfaction is our top priority, we strive to make relentless efforts to upgrade the quality of our products.
Our Resources

Our employees total 30. All of them are highly dedicated, talented, experienced and skilled craftsmen.